Brake Servicing: Understanding The Fundamentals Behind Warped Rotors

Most people often overlook just how amazing brakes are. Depending on how you drive your car, your brakes will need to be serviced or replaced at varying times. Generally speaking, most manufacturers and mechanics agree that brakes need to be serviced once the vehicle has accumulated anywhere from 30,000 to 70,000 miles. Brake servicing usually involves making sure the brakes are properly aligned, measuring the amount of brake pad remaining and inspecting the entire braking system to look for wear and tear. [Read More]

4 Things Independent Contractors Should Look For In Used Trucks

As an independent truck driver, you are often responsible for your own equipment, trucks, and other parts of the business. When you set out to purchase a used semi truck for your business, you are investing a lot of money into a truck that should last for numerous years. Instead of just plopping down cash and driving off, there are many items that you should look into as an independent contractor. [Read More]