Why A Used Car May be the Better Choice

When Should You Buy An Older Used Garbage Truck?

A great deal on a used garbage truck can save your office and city budget several thousands of dollars. However, a lot of the trucks for sale that are used are very old. As departments and other companies get rid of vehicles, they tend to try to sell off the really old ones first because the newer trucks have more life left in them, in general. That presents you with a dilemma. Do you wait for someone to sell a newer truck that might need fewer repairs, or do you take a chance on that older truck that could be a hidden gem?

What's the Repair History?

The older the garbage truck, the more likely it is to need work — or so the story goes. What's really important is the repair and maintenance history. If you find an old garbage truck that was maintained well and repaired promptly, you could get a better deal on that than if you bought a newer yet used truck that might not have been maintained as well. See if you can look at the repair records for the trucks you're interested in; those will give you a better idea of whether the garbage truck is worth a shot.

Why Is the Seller Selling It?

You also want to know why the seller is selling the truck, both in terms of why they're selling a truck to begin with and why they're selling that particular truck instead of another from their fleet. Some reasons are neutral and don't raise concerns, such as if the department is getting all new trucks and selling all the old ones or if they're selling all trucks that are X years and older. But be on the lookout for sales that are happening because of a specific focus on that truck. It could be that there is a hidden issue that makes the truck harder to use; it might still be perfectly safe, but look out for issues that may have made the seller use it less and less.

How Long Do You Plan on Using It?

Next, how long does your department plan on using the truck? Will it have employees drive the truck into the ground and then scrounge out parts to help repair other trucks? Or is there the chance that you'd end up trying to sell that truck down the road? If you're thinking about future sales, buying a very old truck isn't a good idea. But if you plan to hang onto it and use it for as long as you possibly can, then an older truck could be a good buy.

Garbage trucks are expensive, and buying a used one can protect your city's budget. You just need to be sure that the ones you buy are going to work very well for you.

To learn more, contact a resource that has garbage trucks for sale.