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4 Things Independent Contractors Should Look For In Used Trucks

As an independent truck driver, you are often responsible for your own equipment, trucks, and other parts of the business. When you set out to purchase a used semi truck for your business, you are investing a lot of money into a truck that should last for numerous years. Instead of just plopping down cash and driving off, there are many items that you should look into as an independent contractor. The following four used truck features and options should be looked into before making a purchase. It will help ease your mind and allow your personal business to properly thrive.

Sleeper Trucks

Working as an independent contractor in the trucking world often means that you'll be traveling long hours on your own. Whether you're due for a break or between projects, you can save money and get proper rest with a sleeper truck. Sleeper trucks have an extended cab with a bed and extra features to live your daily life. The extra features can include a variety of things including small drawers for clothing, a miniature refrigerator, and a small mirror area for personal grooming.

If you're shopping online, look for interior images of the sleeping cab. You want to make sure it's comfortable enough for your sleeping habits. Some beds are placed in a raised roofing area, giving extra room to move around and stretch while you sleep. Ensure that mattresses, curtains, and other parts of the sleeper cabin are not missing. This will help save you extra money in the future.

Extended Warranties

When working for yourself, the truck is your main resource for making income. If it breaks down and you cannot afford expensive parts, you're also losing out on a lot of income. As you plan your purchase of a used semi-truck, look into possible extended warranties. These warranties will cover repairs, parts, and may even include a loaner truck to use while your truck is being repaired.

The warranties available depend on the dealer that you are working with. Some warranties are automatically included while others will be added to the final cost of the truck. The actual cost of the warranty depends on the age of the truck and the condition that you are purchasing it in. An average semi-truck is produced to run for at least 1,000,000 miles. Trucks nearing this mileage may have the extended warranties at higher costs.

Financing Plans

Money flow for an independent contractor often depends on the flow of projects and travels. Instead of digging yourself into a debt with a used truck purchase, you have the ability to examine a variety of financing plans. These plans can help spread out the costs of a truck so you can actually make money using the truck beforehand.

One type of plan you can sign up for is a step plan. During this plan, you often put no money down and then have smaller payments that gradually increase after a few months. This will help you build up financial accounts so you can afford the truck once it's time to make the full payments. Regular payment plans can help you choose the payments and rates that work best for your business.

End of Season Sales

Timing is everything when it comes to getting the best price on a truck. Instead of shopping in the spring when trucking season takes full hold, you can get better deals by shopping near the end of autumn. Not only can you find the better deals, but you have the ability to care for your truck through the winter and get it ready for an increase of projects in the spring.

It's also a good idea to check multiple resources for promotions and deals. The actual dealer, the dealer's website, and the dealer's social media pages may all include a variety of promotions that you can take advantage of. All of the savings will add up to personally help your career as an independent driver.

Explaining your work situation with a truck dealer, such as those at Arrow Truck Sales, can also help them help you. They may have tips or deals exclusively for independent truck drivers.